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Pantry Products


Every kitchen needs a pantry for those essential staples, supplies and special treats.  We feature local and regional products and our own products.  The contents are ever changing as we find new products and introduce them to our patrons.

Gluten-Free Soup Mixes

Our gluten-free soup mixes have no added salt, no artifical flavors or preservatives and no GMO ingredients.  We have a wide range of soups, rice mixes, chili mixes andrisottos, all delicious...but we will tell you our favorites.


Buffalo Valley Gluten-Free Mixes & Grains

Our full line of Buffalo Valley mixes and grains will delight every gluten-free consumer.  We like all of them but are partial to...well, stop in.  Our section includes bars, cookies, pizza crusts, rolls, etc.

Local Honey

John has been a beekeper since 1964, staring when his mother had to drive him out to the bee yard.  He claims that he'll continue until someone again has to drive him; that might not be far off.  We feature local (Ramsey County to Pine County) clover-wildflower mix and offer it raw and also in squeeze containers (cute bear).

Pickled Products

Our pickles are well known.  We're partial to dill pickles but carry beets, pickled veggies, asparagus, green beans, etc.I'm a paragraph.

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